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My dream has become a reality! I am honored to be investing in and advising the most wonderful people of integrity, as we work together to create positive change that uplifts our world now and for future generations! 

“OVERDELIVER - People Remember! Underdeliver - People Quickly Forget” 
 Wendy Diamond

Vicki Farrar
Light Line Medical, Inc.

"I am delighted to recommend Wendy Diamond. It has been an honor to have her on our team as an advisor. She has done an impeccable job connecting Light Line Medical to the most prominent medical institutions, potential investors and strategic partners in the world. Her introductions are beyond impressive; everyone has been so warm and responsive. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Wendy and am truly grateful for her hard work and invaluable advice to enable Light Line Medical’s patented technology to save millions of lives!"

Ruby "SunShine"
Taylor, MSW

Founder and CEO
Financial Joy School


"Listening to you today was inspiring, empowering, and amazing. Your resilience, positive energy, and massive heart is what our hurting world needs more of. Thank you for using your voice to make our world brighter."

Sedale Turbovsky

"Wendy is an incredible human being who brings amazing energy and passion to her work. She is also one of the most genuine people I have encountered. She executes with honesty and integrity, communicates with clarity, and as a founder, I highly recommend getting her on your cap table if you can. Not only does she invest and have an incredible network of investors, but she has given our team great insights in terms of positioning our product and expanding our vision."

Ali Hassan.jpeg
Ali Hassan
Founding Partner
Perceptive Capital

"Wendy Diamond shines as bright as her name. I consider myself lucky to have known Wendy personally and professionally for almost a decade. Her work ethic and commitment is unmatched. She is a hard working, intelligent businesswoman with a thirst for knowledge and deep understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape. Wendy’s positive attitude and deep network has led to countless commercial opportunities and helped align our firm and portfolio companies with charities to make an impact. It is our honor to invest on behalf of such an incredible woman."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 10.17.34
Erich Spangenberg

"Wendy is an investor and advisor to IPwe and by far, the most energetic, engaging, intelligent, and connected person I have the pleasure of working with. Wendy connects with people on a level that I find amazing -- CEOs of the world's largest funds and companies respond to Wendy, trust her introductions and value her input. I feel fortunate to have Wendy on our team."

Stefan Tittel

"To put it in a nutshell: Wendy Diamond is the real deal. She’s easy to collaborate with, thinks creatively, sees the big picture, knows future trends, and effectively communicates her ideas. Her rolodex connections are like none other, and she has over-delivered in every sense of the word. She’s been a true asset and game-changer in identifying and enhancing our business strategy into new market industries. Wendy has my highest endorsement."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.13.19
Mitzi Perdue


"Wendy Diamond has the most amazing combination of vision and ability to make the vision a reality. She embodies  Brâncuși’s dictum, "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.”  That’s our Wendy!"

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 10.27.47
Anna Skaya

"What an honor to work with this incredible woman. Wendy is a positive force on this planet, a connector, an educator, a fire-starter and a barrier-breaker. As our advisor, Wendy has made herself available any time of day or night and has made connections that are truly magical. She is wicked smart, incredibly creative in knowing who needs what and has a 'YES!' attitude. Every time I get an email with 'WOOHOO' in the first line, I can't help but smile. Wendy simply brings the best out of people. Her energy is contagious, her execution lightning-fast, her connections the strongest and widest I've ever seen, and her humanity knows no bounds."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.23.39
Lauren Weiniger

"Wendy is an absolute powerhouse, a connector in the truest sense of the word. Plenty of people are well networked, but Wendy stands apart. She dedicates herself to giving as much as possible to help women succeed, and she stands behind every word. Having her on board as an advisor has been immensely valuable as she continues providing strategy, relationships, and guidance through each phase of growth.​"

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.20.36
Jessica Nieves
Intern (Baruch College)

"Interning at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization allowed to work towards my goal of making the world a better place. As an international relations intern, I was able to hone my professional and personal skills. I got a sense of how non-profit organizations work and were able to meet and work with talented people along the way. My duties included communicating with ambassadors worldwide, updating the main website, creating newsletter content, attending WED monthly events, among other tasks. I am truly grateful to Wendy, WED’s founder, who guided and supported me throughout my internship."

Lynn Zovighian
Business and Peace Builder Zovighian Family Office

"Wendy’s energy is contagious. She gets things done in a focused and diligent manner, qualities that are critical as the founder of the only movement for the economic empowerment of women that I can say I truly respect and am honored to be a part of. And most importantly, Wendy cares. Her humanity, combined with her leadership and vision, makes her a force of nature in every sense of the word!"

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.27.06
James Lamoureaux

"Wendy Diamond has been an investor and advisor in IGP Energy for some time. Without a doubt, Wendy is the most engaged and connected person I have ever had the honor of working with. Her connections span the globe, but more importantly, Wendy is constantly working on helping spread the mission of IGP and grow the company by making introductions of substance to key people and companies all over the world. Wendy is one in a billion, a true gem."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.41.36
Alicia Belzberg

“Wendy is a rare Diamond... True to her name, her personality sparkles but it is the qualities of trust, integrity, and passion for people and dogs, and especially the underdogs, that define her and set her apart from most people I have met. These qualities have also made her an extraordinary connector of people and, with great care, Wendy deploys this ability to a superbly important cause. Her tireless devotion to helping women around the world to alleviate poverty is a selfless pursuit. Wendy is a true humanitarian; her passion for people, animals, and life in general, never ceases to amaze me..."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.37.45
Keith Agoada

"It is an honor to work with Wendy manifesting our vision with Producers Market. Wendy maintains the highest level of honesty, trust, and integrity and has an incredible ability to build valuable macro-level business and non-profit organizational partnerships in full alignment with our ethics and mission. Her communication skills have helped to refine our messaging to reach our target audiences with maximum impact. Wendy’s attention to detail pushes our executive team to continue improving professionally so that we are able to form alliances with world-class individuals and organizations to achieve exponential growth. Wendy is a leader and visionary, I highly recommend her for advising and consulting in a diversity of organizational settings."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.47.15
David Frei
The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and National Dog Show

“You can’t say no to Wendy Diamond and her ‘do-the-right-thing’ advocacy. That’s why she has been such a successful warrior over the years for animals in need — getting help from everywhere and everyone to make it a better world for them.”

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.44.00
Tristan Snell


"Wendy is one of those rare people who make the world go round -- she connects with everyone, she delves into new businesses and technologies, and she connects the dots. And she does it with energy and positivity that few people have on a good day, except that in Wendy's case, it's every day. Perhaps even more impressively, she's got a keen eye for what's around the bend: she got into social media before it became ubiquitous, realized the power of promoting female entrepreneurs well before #MeToo, and now she's become a strong proponent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In short, Wendy just gets it."

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.53.04
Rachel Gerrol

“Wendy has a way of turning her dreams into realities, no matter how big they are! She can inspire thousands to not only be moved by a cause but to take it upon themselves to the champions of it as well.  She is a born leader and a true visionary! Her dedication and drive are unmatched in the non-profit or business world and I greatly admire the movement she has build with WED in taking it global.” 

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.49.42
Amir Dossal
Chairman Global Partnerships Forum
Former Executive Director of the
United Nations Office for Partnerships

“Wendy Diamond is one of the greatest humanitarians, with a penchant for motivating others to do good and feel good! There are very few people who stand at the intersection of helping others care for animals and giving them a sense of achievement in life — all this in a lighthearted and fun way!”

Sandra DeFeo
Executive Director, Humane Society of New York

“The humane society is so grateful to Wendy Diamond and Animal Fair Media for their dedication in protecting and supporting animals. We are proud to honor Wendy and her rescued Maltese sidekick Lucky Diamond, that lost her battle to canine cancer after championing fellow underdogs for years, with the Lucky Diamond Critical Care Unit.”

Shari 2_0.jpg
Shari Duval
President and Founder, k9s For Warriors

"It has been my honor to know Wendy Diamond, and a blessing that she has chosen to dedicate herself to helping K9s for warriors. Her passion for our Military Veterans and rescue animals has aided our efforts beyond what we could ever accomplish on our own. Wendy has an infectious gift to bring great people together to support a great cause. Giving back is a rare gift, and Wendy is the ultimate giver. Her efforts are tireless, and her results are amazing. We are blessed to have her on our team, Team k9.

Dr. Brian Hare
Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University, Founder of Duke Canine Center at Duke University.

“Diamond is a powerful tool to help you up your game by being more like someone everyone loves: your dog. No animal is more successful than the modern dog. Diamond epitomizes the secret to success and translates it unto others” 

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 11.55.52
Yifan Wang
Intern (New York University)

“Wendy is my leader. In my heart, she is a very professional and energetic person. In the process of working with her, I was influenced by her high efficiency. She taught me a lot. Whether it is work skills or doing things for others, she is more like my mentor, guiding my growth. Wendy has tremendous energy to help entrepreneurial women in the world. This is what I admire, and I want to continue learning. I remember that she once told me that " This is a real-world, not a dress rehearsal, always give your absolute best." This sentence has benefited me a lot and will continue to inspire me in my future work.”

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