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Make Your Event Unforgettable- Book Wendy Now!

Wendy brings a spark to every conversation, infusing her infectious energy into discussions about discovering your dream career, diving into entrepreneurship, and empowering women economically. She's not just about business—she's passionate about impact investing, advocating for animal welfare, and empowering women in the wild world of web3. With her at the mic, conferences and seminars come alive, and audiences can't help but be swept up in her enthusiasm. As the brains behind Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), LDP Ventures, and Animal Fair Media, Inc., Wendy has mastered the art of blending celebrity and pet culture to support animal rescue and welfare. By the time she's done, everyone's not just inspired; they're ready to go out and make their own positive mark on the world.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Wendy has graced prestigious stages including the United Nations, World Economic Forum, and Harvard University, captivating audiences with her compelling delivery and depth of knowledge. Her ability to inspire, educate, and empower individuals has made her a favorite among corporations and educational institutions alike.


Invite Wendy to your next event and experience firsthand the transformative influence of her powerful messages. Let her expertise and charisma elevate your event, inspiring everyone to know that they can make an impact in the world.


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5 Essential Keys to Success as an Impact Entrepreneur

Wendy will share the 5 Essential Keys to Success as an Impact Entrepreneur. Drawing from her own journey, Wendy will reveal how these keys - Passion, Persistence, Perseverance, Purpose, and yes, even the Power of Puppy Love, can unlock your path to greatness, even in the face of adversity. Through compelling insights and real-life examples,Wendy will delve into the significance of purpose-driven entrepreneurship! Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or seeking to reignite your drive, these keys will guide you towards success and fulfillment. Topics: Entrepreneurship, Impactful Strategies, Entrepreneurial Resilience, Purpose-driven Ventures

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Empowering Women in Business to Scale Up

In this presentation, Wendy will address the journey from side hustle to mainstream success, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women-owned businesses. Drawing from her own experiences and industry expertise, Wendy will share invaluable insights into the strategies and best practices for scaling a business from a small venture to a thriving enterprise. Explore the pivotal moments, growth strategies, and success stories that define the path from side hustle to mainstream prominence, empowering women entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential in the business world.                   Topics: Entrepreneurship, Women's Advancements in Business, Leadership, NGOs, Scaling Up

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Catalyzing Social Change Through Celebrity Influence

Learn from Wendy in how to harness the power of celebrity influence to catalyze change for social causes around the world. Through her work at Animal Fair Media, Inc. and beyond, Wendy has mobilized celebrities and influencers to raise awareness about important issues, from animal welfare to environmental conservation. By leveraging their platforms and influence, Wendy is amplifying the voices of those fighting for positive change and inspiring others to join the movement. Through inspiring stories and impactful campaigns, this speech celebrates Wendy's transformative impact on social causes and encourages audiences to use their own influence for good.  Topics:  Media Influence, Social Justice Advocacy, Celebrity Engagement, Impactful Campaigning


How a Stalker Bully Propelled My Life for the Better

Wendy will share how a harrowing experience with a stalker bully transformed her life. This relentless harassment impacted every aspect of her life; Wendy was once on the NBC Today show every month, saving a dog a day with her millions of followers, featured on a primetime show on CBS, and raising millions of dollars for animal rescue. Within a year, it all stopped, and 50% of the people Wendy knew never spoke to her again, causing significant emotional and psychological distress. The turning point came when she decided to stop being a victim and dedicated my life to supporting the impoverished and disadvantaged in starting their entrepreneurial journeys, and creating the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization. Overcoming this adversity led to personal growth, increased confidence, and the discovery of inner strength. New opportunities emerged, and Wendy's relationships deepened. Through this journey, she learned that adversity can be a powerful catalyst for growth; it’s not about the challenges we face, but how we respond to them. Her story emphasizes that challenges should not define us but serve as stepping stones to a better, stronger, and more resilient life. Topics: Personal Growth and Resilience, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact, Overcoming Adversity, Positivity

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Monetizing Your Interests as a Female Entrepreneur

In this engaging talk, Wendy will tackle the delicate balance between passion and profit, revealing the art of monetizing one's interests as a female entrepreneur. With her wealth of experience and entrepreneurial acumen, Wendy will explore the strategies and challenges involved in turning personal passions into profitable ventures. Explore Wendy's insights and real-world examples, uncovering how women can effectively navigate the intersection of passion and profit to build successful and fulfilling businesses.  Topics: Building Successful Businesses, Monetizing Interests, Portfolio Development, Entrepreneurial Balance, Women in Business

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Sustaining Success in Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Wendy shares invaluable insights from her entrepreneurial ventures, Animal Fair Media, Inc., and Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO), both thriving entities in their own right. Drawing from her wealth of experience, Wendy reveals the key principles and strategies essential for sustaining business success in today's dynamic landscape. From fostering innovation and adapting to market trends to nurturing a strong company culture and leveraging strategic partnerships, Wendy's journey offers a blueprint for entrepreneurs seeking to build and sustain resilient businesses. Uncover the secrets to long-term success and learn how to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with confidence and resilience. Topics: Innovation and Market Adaptation, Company Culture and Leadership, Resilient Business Practices

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Animal Advocacy and Sparking Global Change

Wendy's passion for animal welfare has sparked a global movement to rescue and protect animals in need. Through her platform, Animal Fair Media, Inc., Wendy has leveraged the power of celebrity and pop culture to raise awareness about animal rescue and promote adoption initiatives. From star-studded events to media campaigns, Wendy's innovative approach has inspired millions to become advocates for animals. With a staggering 12 million animals euthanized annually, Wendy has used the influence of celebrities to shine a spotlight on animal welfare issues. This speech draws on Wendy's tireless efforts to make a difference in the lives of animals and encourages audiences to join her in creating a more compassionate world. Topics: Animal Welfare, Advocacy, Rescue, Social Media, Awareness


Women Leading Environmental Change

Delve into the inspiring journey of Wendy as she collaborates with women in across the globe, catalyzing environmental change and empowering women-led initiatives. Through partnerships, mentorship, and grassroots initiatives, Wendy demonstrates the profound impact that can be achieved when women are given the resources and support to unleash their potential and enact meaningful environmental transformations. Wendy has forged pathways for women to lead and innovate in environmental conservation, fostering sustainable practices and impactful solutions. Learn from Wendy's transformative work, celebrating the resilience, creativity, and leadership of women driving positive change for our planet. Topics: Environmental Conservation, Sustainable Impact and Initiatives, Influencing for Good, Global Conservation

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Driving Impact Through Disruptive Technologies

In this keynote speech, Wendy will explain into how LDP Ventures (SFO) drives significant impact through strategic investments in disruptive technologies across various sectors. Wendy will highlight her impressive and diverse portfolio, which includes groundbreaking companies such as EFF Ventures, Coinfund, Dollar Donation Club, Good Pharma, Matrics2, Nourish Cult, Producers Market, and OpenGrants. By exploring the innovative solutions these companies bring to market, Wendy will illustrate how LDP Ventures is at the forefront of technological advancements, fostering growth, and creating meaningful change. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the strategies and vision that propel LDP Ventures to successfully invest in and nurture disruptive technologies that shape the future. Topics: Social Change, Impact Investing, Portfolio Development, Venture Capital, Investment Strategy

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